Introducing the topic of the week

As Nick, Jonathan and Fred have shared, this January we’re busy rolling out updates to The core idea behind is to open source our thinking — to do in public, with the great community of people that has been growing around the site, what we normally do internally at USV. Today, we’re launching a new feature that takes another step in that direction.

We spend every Monday together as a firm. We look at new deals, discuss what’s going on in the world, and walk through each of our portfolio companies. There are always a number of ideas that surface in that meeting that we continue to explore in person or over email throughout the week. That cadence has worked well for us, as a way to collect thoughts, share resources, and take the conversation a bit further.

We’ve debated how to open that longer forum to our network, and are kicking off a new feature to do so today. We’re calling it Topic of the Week. Each week after our Monday meeting, we’ll post a topic that we’re thinking about. We’ll seed it with a few posts exploring the topic in more detail and then keep the floor open for you to contribute. Whether it’s a thought, a comment, resource or a post you’ve written that relates, you can share it under the Topic of the Week.

To kick things off, we’re discussing “What will undo today’s incumbent marketplaces?” Joel shared his account of exploring the Dark Web in order to better understand decentralized networks. We were captivated by what he learned and knew this was something worth you weighing in on.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s topic and the new Topic of the Week feature.