Getting Started

Hi, I’m Gary Chou and I’m thrilled to join the team as the General Manager of the Union Square Ventures Network. I’ll be supporting the companies in the USV portfolio and helping to facilitate discussions and opportunities. Aside from that, I’ll also be part of the investment team.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Personally, there’s the simple fact that I’m moving from San Francisco to New York City. Professionally, instead of building software and designing web apps as I’ve previously done at places such as Trilogy, and Cisco, I’ll be focusing on other relevant functions and learning to look at things through a different lens.

Moreover, it’s going to be fun working with the team at USV, the talented entrepreneurs and employees within the portfolio companies, and the fine people who visit this blog. The Internet is just getting started, and these are the people who are creating new value and inventing new experiences.

I look forward to meeting you all. You can also find me on Twitter.