Hiring Update #2

As of a few minutes ago we have closed Jobscore for new candidates for our two open positions. We are excited about the incredible response, but ask for your patience as we dig through over 600 applications. Our plan is to have completed an initial review of every application by next Monday. We will then start to reach out and schedule phone calls and meetings.

We recognize that all but two applicants will end up getting less than they hoped for out of this process. To that end, we would love to make interesting opportunities available to all who applied and plan to encourage our portfolio companies to look at our candidate pool once we have completed our process. We are hoping that we can use Jobscore for that. If you don’t want to participate in Jobscore matching or any other matching, please make sure to opt out of the Jobscore network if you haven’t done so already during your application.

In light of the volume of applications, we are also planning on using Jobscore to communicate the status of your application, including to those who we are moving out of the process. We realize that getting a “form email” from us is not ideal and we are looking at ways we can continue to engage with everyone who has participated in this process.

We are big believers in the power of networks and we are delighted to have the opportunity to add over 600 new people to our network here at Union Square Ventures. We haven’t determined the ideal way to offer everyone the opportunity to join the Union Square Ventures network but we are going to figure one out. Stay tuned.