And Then There Were Five

Back in February, we posted here that we were looking to hire an analyst. We asked anyone who was interested in the position to leave a comment. We received 164 comments and then worked through all of them to find a small group we could actually meet and interview. It was a long process that had a few fits and starts, but we are pleased to announce that we have finally hired our new analyst.

His name is Eric Friedman, and he may be known to many of you as the force behind the Marketing.FM blog. In addition to being an active and excellent blogger, Eric has spent the past couple years at Reprise Media as an Account Manager specializing in SEM, SEO, and Social Media services.

We know that search and social media marketing is the cheapest and best form of marketing for our portfolio companies that there is. And, we’ve never had an expert in house. Now we do.

So, now Union Square Ventures investment team is five people: Brad, Albert, Andrew, Eric, and me. It’s still small enough to fit around the table in Brad’s office which happens most mornings. But, big enough to handle the ton of interesting things that are coming at us every day. It feels just right.

Please welcome Eric to the Union Square Ventures team.