Training the Weird

We are entering a new age of consumer fun and function. AI is going to supercharge both the utility and entertainment of consumer products, introducing new form factors and experiences that feel made for me. As Jared wrote recently, we [...]  Read more

Doubling Down on Slope

In April 2022, we wrote about our Series A investment in Slope, a B2B Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) platform creating an automated, zero-question, instantaneous underwriting platform for B2B installment loans and bringing a buttery experience to B2B payments that has previously been [...]  Read more

Daybreak’s Series B

Over the last several years, USV has built out both our thesis and portfolio around tackling the mental health crisis. Our investments have broadly broken down into three groups: Broadening access to care by making it easier to find, receive, [...]  Read more

Welcoming Liza Landsman to Stash

When I first met Brandon and Ed, Co-Founders of Stash, in 2016 it was clear that they were approaching the consumer fintech whirlwind with a different perspective. At the time an early app and idea, the goal was to build [...]  Read more

Journey Clinical’s Series A

The state of mental health in the US is abysmal. 1 in 5 American adults report suffering from mental illness–and nearly 1 in 3 between 18 and 25. A core piece of our thesis at USV focuses on broadening access [...]  Read more

Alife’s Series A

Fertility treatment today is largely a blunt object approach to a highly personal moment. It begins with a one size fits most process designed to be adjusted on the edges over a series of cycles–for most women, 3-5. The good [...]  Read more


A core piece of USV’s thesis has long been around an enablement layer – the idea that horizontal tooling is essential to support growing ecosystems that sit on top. That belief has led to investments like Twilio, Shippo, Sift, Clarifai, [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Hannah Murdoch The language of commerce has always been visual.  Tiffany’s published their Blue Book in 1845, the first direct-mail catalogue in the United States.  The publication distributed pages of the world’s finest jewels to customers who couldn’t reach [...]  Read more

SmartHop’s Series A

The trucking industry is one of the oldest and most interesting in the US. It is also one I’ve always been fascinated by--partly because, for a couple of generations, it was where my family made their living. My paternal great [...]  Read more