Co-authored with Nick Grossman Transportation, including road, rail, air, and marine, has a greater reliance on fossil fuels than any other sector. It accounts for 37% of CO2 emissions from end-uses. Electrification has been the preferred strategy to decarbonize small [...]  Read more

Brilliant Planet

Co-authored by John Buttrick Of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies, at least 21% now have net-zero commitments. For most of these companies, even with significant emissions reduction, carbon offsetting will be essential to achieving their goals. In fact, all [...]  Read more

Joining Union Square Ventures

Some of you in the USV network might know me. My USV journey started in March 2021. I worked on the USV climate fund while doing my MBA. This month, I'm officially joining the investment team full-time in New York. [...]  Read more