Co-authored by Hannah Murdoch Ten years ago, USV wrote about how technology was changing the way people funded their ideas and earned a living. Investing in Kickstarter, we noted: “Creative people will continue to produce amazing works. We do not [...]  Read more

USV 2021 Fund

We are pleased to announce that USV has raised a 2021 Core Fund with commitments of $250 million. This Core Fund will complement our new Climate Fund and existing Opportunity Fund. This will be USV’s seventh early-stage venture fund since [...]  Read more


At a Sofar, you are sitting on the floor in a room full of mostly strangers, listening to artists you’ve never heard of, perhaps in a city you’ve never been to before, and yet it’s possible to feel comfortable and content. [...]  Read more

What Do You Think?

The whole freaking world was full of people who were bound to tell you they weren't qualified to do this or that but they were determined to go ahead and do just that thing anyway -Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid [...]  Read more

Ghosts and Ancestors

People will tell you where they've gone They'll tell you where to go But till you get there yourself You never really know -Joni Mitchell Towards the end of his Broadway show, Bruce Springsteen describes how he’s realized that as [...]  Read more


Differentiated user experiences are a cornerstone of the defensible businesses that USV has invested in for over 10 years. In the most recent articulation of our thesis - 3.0 - we also stressed experiences and trusted brands that expand access [...]  Read more


What is the future that will unfold? Some like it hot , others like it cold But we all want to hold the remote control -Beastie Boys Sometimes a service provides a value to its customers that may not be [...]  Read more

Addition by Subtraction

“Dangerfield eliminated everything from his act but the setups and punchlines” Alex Halberstadt’s essay on Rodney Dangerfield is a masterclass on how to improve by reduction. Dangerfield worked for decades as a comedian until he figured out the thing, his [...]  Read more