Healthcare at the Edge

Co-authored with Jared Hecht USV invests at the edge of large markets being transformed by technological and societal pressures, and we believe that healthcare is at a transformational inflection point.  At the edge we have a confluence of movements ranging [...]  Read more

Hallucinations as a feature, not a bug

Co-authored with Grace Carney A few months ago Fred kicked off a conversation about what the “native” applications of AI technology will be. What are the new things or businesses that we can now build that weren’t possible before the [...]  Read more

Trust and Artificial Intelligence

Trust is the core component of the USV investment thesis: “trusted brands that broaden access” is the opening description of our articulation. In a world of applications that are driven by artificial intelligence, we are now thinking about how trust [...]  Read more

Hume AI

Bob Dylan’s song Like A Rolling Stone contains the famous chorus: "How does it feel?"  This line heralded a generation of music, art, and science that tackled the messiness and complexity of human feeling with an intensely directed focus. The [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Mona Emissions reduction alone is not enough to address the climate crisis. Carbon removal is an essential part of any solution. In fact, all IPCC 1.5c scenarios feature annual carbon removal at the gigaton level — somewhere between [...]  Read more


Co-authored by Hannah Murdoch Ten years ago, USV wrote about how technology was changing the way people funded their ideas and earned a living. Investing in Kickstarter, we noted: “Creative people will continue to produce amazing works. We do not [...]  Read more

USV 2021 Fund

We are pleased to announce that USV has raised a 2021 Core Fund with commitments of $250 million. This Core Fund will complement our new Climate Fund and existing Opportunity Fund. This will be USV’s seventh early-stage venture fund since [...]  Read more