In 2004, we began investing in companies that exhibit “network effects,” a term referring to services that increase in value to each user the more they and others engage with the platform.

Just as the companies in our portfolio continue to be aligned with this investment thesis, our network grows stronger with each new investment we make.

Today, this group spans 8,000+ employees across more than 10 countries and 20 cities.

Whether your company has 2 employees or 800, we invite everyone at your organization to engage with the USV Network to get access to people and resources who can help you drive business growth.

Through bottom-up, peer-to-peer connections, our USV Network offers access to cross-company events, shared resources, learning and development, talent, and more.


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Network Offerings:

  • Direct intros to peers at other companies
  • Summits organized by topic or job function
  • Talent network and candidate referrals
  • Cross-company management training
  • Resource sharing and vendor referrals