Command Line Interfaces

User interfaces in which you simply type what you want

Creative A.I.

Machines that produce art and creative work

Digital Healthcare

How can the internet improve healthcare?

Governance of decentralized networks

How to establish order in the absence of central authority

Machine intelligence

Computers are learning to think, read, and write

No Stack Startups

Companies built entirely on a tech stack that they didn't build and don't own

The Blockchain App Stack

An emerging architecture for decentralized applications on the blockchain's shared data layer

The Nomad Stack

Tools for global living.

USV Investment Thesis

The core ideas driving USV's investment decisions

Union 2.0 / Benefits 2.0

The right to be represented by a bot: will tomorrow's union be less like an org and more like a data platform?

Universal Basic Income

Unconditional basic income as a way to embrace automation and simplify benefits delivery

Where protocols come from

How do tech giants agree on when & where to interoperate openly?