To Dare is To Do

Yesterday I was watching a proper football match between Arsenal and Tottenham. As the two sides cleared the pitch I saw Tottenham’s motto To Dare is To Do.

I am putting that motto to practice as I leave to start my first day of full time work at Wharfie, your local same day delivery concierge, here in Dallas, TX.

About a month ago, I contemplated what my family and I gone through since I returned from Iraq in late 2011 and I failed to secure full employment.

I have worked as a cars salesman (3X) women’s shoe salesman at Nordstorm, parking cars at golf tournaments and cashier at Target. None of these paid enough for my family to live together, under one roof (ours or someone else’s). In the end we lost our house, savings, cars and ultimately all our worldly goods after we could not pay the storage fee. While all that was going on, I did a short stint in the VA hospital to get treated for PTSD.

So on February 15th I decided to stop being a victim. I chose to take advantage of my tax return and regain control of my life. I put my notice in at Target, found a 1 bedroom apartment through my driver from Iraq and found another startup founder, who is a veteran, to split the rent with.

I’ll be using a bike, Uber and RelayRides to get around.

Through a tweet I was informed about a collaboration space called The Garage that was accepting applications. I was one of 5 companies chosen from 70 to receive mentoring, assistance with sales or funding.

My family does not understand why I am leaving a sure thing like Target (25-30 hours a week , $10 HR) for something that is not guaranteed. I know I will have to make up the loss income through freelance work, but in the long run, I feel a better outcome will be reached.

I hope to see some of you at this year’s TechStars Patriot Bootcamp in NYC May 16- 18, 2014, at Goldman Sachs and help other veterans build great companies.

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