Feedback wanted: new look front page at

Hi Everyone --

Last week we started experimenting with a new look for the front page, with a few goals in mind:

First, we noticed that many posts were going un-noticed, largely due to the fact that very few (10%) of visitors were viewing the /new page, where new stories first land.  Not a good experience to post an article and have no one notice it, especially if it's your first one (or if it happens a few times in a row).

Second, we wanted to explore ways to establish more of a "rhythm" to the site, and liked the idea of using on the day as a unit of focus.

So, here is a first pass at a revised design:

Please feel free to kick the tires on it, compare and contrast to the real front page at, and use it just as you would the regular (they are using the same database). And please leave any feedback in the comments here.



p.s. as always, if you're interested in using or contributing to the open source app behind, you can do that here.

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