is now open source

We have had a great time building the new, and today we're open sourcing the codebase so that anyone else who wants to can see it, fork it, and help us build new stuff if they feel like it.

Since we launched the new site last month, we've split out the usv-specific theming and functionality from the core "Conversation" app, which we're open sourcing here.  The name comes from the original blog post launching as a blog back in 2005, in which Brad talked about "having a dialogue with the market" and "publishing the conversation".  So, "The Conversation" it is.  

Here's everything:

The app is written in python, using the Tornado web application framework and is backed by mongodb.  (FWIW, the USV instance is hosted on Heroku, front-ended by Cloudflare, and takes advantage of a bunch of services like MongoHQ, New Relic and Sendgrid).

A lot of people helped get this app / website off the ground, and they deserve some props here:

Zach Cimafonte, USV's "Hacker in Residence" this past year, built the core of the app (and was the reason that I personally got to learn python + mongodb, which has been super fun)

Zander Pease at USV spent months wrangling the USV partnership around the project (not an easy task!), and coordinated all of the various moving parts.

Sumit Paul from Studio Kudos (who did the new USV logo design) did a lot of the core web design and CSS.

Andy Cochran injected an awesome dose of visual niceness when we needed it.

and Kevin Marshall (aka falicon) recently helped us profoundly clean up and simplify the app -- bringing in best practices for building tornado + mongodb apps he's been honing for a long time now.

And, of course, everyone in the USV community who has made using the app and being part of the community really fun.  We're looking fwd to continuing to improve the app, to make everyone feel included, heard, and even more a part of the conversation.

So, that's it for now.  Welcome aboard and happy hacking!

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