Welcome to the New USV.com

When USV.com launched as a blog back in 2005, Brad explained it as follows:

"We realized that our thesis evolves incrementally as a result of our dialogue with the market, and that the best way to manage that was to accept that we would never get to an answer, so we should just publish the conversation. The best way to do that is with a blog. So here it is."

Now, 8 years later, USV.com is re-launching again, building on the original idea of "having a dialogue with the market" and "publishing the conversation".  This time around, we're inviting anyone who's so inclined to share links and discuss them here.

Of course, sharing links is nothing new -- from Delicious, to reddit, to Hacker News, to Twitter, chatting around shared links is as old as the social web -- it's something we do internally every day and now we're opening up that conversation.

Lots has changed since 2005, but one thing remains constant: web-enabled networks of collaborators, producers and consumers are transforming every sector. So there is still lots to talk about.

Here's to continuing that conversation, among ourselves and with all of you.

P.S., big props and many thanks to our hacker-in-residence Zach who built out the core of the new app.  

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